Skin Care Launch + Review: Linden Leaves Gold Range

Before I jump into the post, I just want to apologise for being MIA a lot since we’ve been traveling. Also, a quick shoutout to Jose Gonzales, the writer behind this article. Thanks for including my blog! Do check out their infographic on beauty blogging. It’s pretty interesting. 🙂


As the quest for the fountain of youth never gets old, so does the appeal of gold. From jewellery, the beloved precious element has made its way to skin care products not just for a bit of luxury but for its anti ageing properties as well.


Linden Leaves, a trusted full-body care brand from New Zealand, has also embraced gold and welcomed it into their family of all-natural products. Recently, Linden Leaves founder Brigit Blair was in Kuala Lumpur to talk about the new range.

But before we get right to it, a little back story on the brand as told by Brigit during the event:

Back in 1995, Brigit found two of her kids suffering from eczema. There were only a limited number of brands that carry products suitable to the needs of her kids and so Linden Leaves was born out of necessity.

She started making skin care products out of freeze-dried roses and natural oils which worked so well on her kids. From a small kitchen operation, her company is now known internationally yet she remains to produce all-natural and handmade products.

Personally, I love stories like these and the fact that she didn’t turn her products into something that’s too commercialised and mass produced keeps the brand’s purpose in tact.

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With Tammy and Samia at the launch.

The new Gold range is their brand’s answer to the ever growing demand for age defying products. I myself, at 26, am already trying to slow down the ageing process. Prevention is way better than cure, so they say.

Not only is the range focused on age defying, it also brings back luxury into your daily skin care routine. We all lead busy lives and sometimes, there are days when you just feel like you don’t get enough ‘me’ time for some good old pampering.

I love how this range is a bit of luxury for a woman that’s on the go. The scent is also soft, clean, and luxurious without too overpowering. Using different products from this range can also help in layering the scent to make it last longer.

The range not just boasts of 23kt gold as ingredient. It also has age defying amaranth, red rice, and chia.

The ingredients are said to work hand in hand to:

  • promote cell regeneration,
  • increase moisture retention,
  • boost collagen production,
  • and help minimise wrinkles and fine lines

When I heard those things during the launch and got to smell and try the products for a bit on my hands, I became totally interested.

After the event, we were given products to take home and try. As per usual, I decided to try them for a couple of weeks before writing this review so I can really see any improvements or possible bad reactions from my skin before making any judgment.

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Gold Silken Body Wash with Amaranth and Red Rice

This product is a gentle body wash that I find to be non-drying. It leaves quite a light scent on the skin and leaves it radiant and soft after your shower.

I love the scent. I keep saying this over and over – cos it’s true. It’s kinda addictive. It doesn’t bubble up so using a buffer won’t really do much. However, just slathering it on using your fingers is already a glorious feeling in itself.

My only problem with this product (which a friend of mine also noticed) is it does tend to leave a bit of its gold glitters on your skin even after you’ve already washed the product off. It’s fine by me since a little shimmer on my skin never hurt. In fact, I find a subtle (not chunky) shimmer to be quite pretty. However, the glitters do tend to stick to your towel. So if you intend to re-use your towel a couple more times, do go for a darker colour. It really shows up on my white towels.

Gold Body Oil with Amaranth and Chia

This. This is the star of the range in my opinion. The oil glides smoothly and absorbs quickly and will not even give you a minute to think that it’s too sticky.


It is the bomb when it comes to hydration and moisture retention. I put it to the test in Tokyo where my skin was starting to flake just after a day of being subjected to cold weather and it did wonders on my skin.


Another product that caught my eye during the launch was the Gold Shimmer Mousse. Another light, moisturising product that leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer. I’m dying to get this one next. 😉

Linden Leaves, Skin Care, Body Oil, Gold, Gold Ingredient, Gold Range, Linden Leaves Malaysia, Linden Leaves Kuala Lumpur, Anti Ageing, Body Wash, Luxury, Luxury Skin Care, Beauty,

And of course, how can I forget the Gold Bath Salt which you can also use as a scrub (according to Brigit herself)?

If you want to try out these products, I suggest you head on to the TNS Skin Lab website (the official distributor here in Malaysia) to check them out ASAP. They’re running a promotion wherein everything from the Gold range is t 20% off! 😉

That’s all for now, my loves! Will be back soon!



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