Beauty + Hair: EVO Fabuloso Pro Hair Colour

Right before 2015 ended, I updated my hair colour and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments for it. Along with the compliments came the questions and inquiries so what better way to address all of that than via a short blog post? 😉

I should have posted this earlier since I did the treatment before the new year. However, time and commitments got the best of me yet again. *excuses*

As most of you might know by now, I decided to take the plunge last May and get my full head of hair coloured. Prior to that, I only experimented with my fringe back in my university days where I went from blue to pink to purple.

The change last May was pretty drastic since I went from dark brown to bronde. It was a big change yet I loved it! Here’s a little throwback:

Bronde, Hair Colour, Andy Ho,

I had a great run with my bronde hair and the honey-toned highlights that accentuated my curls like no other.

However, we all know that at some point, you have to update your colour as regrowth can get the best of you. Andy Ho did a great job on my first colour and it took months before my regrowth became noticeable. I loved how my hair was so low maintenance especially during our Europe trip last August. It looked great without having to put too much effort.

For our trip to Japan for New Year’s, I wanted something a little bit more cool-toned to go with current temperatures in Tokyo and Nikko so when EVO invited my friend Samia and I for a hair colouring session, I just couldn’t resist.

Before I get into detail about the colour and the procedure, let me just show you the ‘before’ photo of my hair:

EVO, EVO Hair, EVO Fabuloso Pro, EVO Hair Colour, EIG, Hair Colour, Bronde, Ash Blonde, Cool Tone Colour, Hair, Review, Hair Colour, Beauty Blogger

Dry as the Sahara, frizzy (brushed out and with no product), and in need of some major retouching!

Also, I am in dire need of a hair cut! Haha! The layers are practically invisible and the colour has also gone awry, starting to fade and getting too yellow for my taste. (I will get it soon – I just need to decide on a style first)

These things happen to any coloured hair after a while so it was only a matter of time till I get a touch up.

What’s been done to my hair?

Jolleen, the colourist who did my hair, gave me a root touch-up and used EVO Fabuloso Pro to give my hair a full platinum coat to cool the colours down. She also coated the bleached parts with an ashy-blonde shade to give it dimension.

Can't wait to see how this will turn out! P.S Don't panic, people. My #hair won't be what you think it is! 😂 #haircolor #twitter

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I posted the photo above on Instagram and gave some people a bit of excitement (or a fright if you’re a family member).

I did love my blue fringe back in the day but to be honest, I don’t see myself going for crazy colours anymore cos A.) I’ve done it 9 years ago and B.) having blue hair at a diplomatic event will make me stand out like a sore thumb. I will really have a hard time getting people from the diplomatic corps to take me seriously. Haha!

Here’s how it looked like in the end after a good old blow:


What is EVO Fabuloso Pro?

It is a ‘colour refresh and maintenance system’ from Australia. The colour is actually a conditioning treatment that sits on top of your hair and gives it colour without actually staining the strands.

You know how it’s so hard for colourists to change your colour from a darker shade to a lighter one? One of the reasons is that permanent and semi-permanent colours actually stain your hair. They do fade but they have residue that stays on the strands and makes it harder for new colour to stick and stay put.

EVO, EVO Hair, EVO Fabuloso Pro, EVO Hair Colour, EIG, Hair Colour, Bronde, Ash Blonde, Cool Tone Colour, Hair, Review, Hair Colour, Beauty Blogger

EVO Fabuloso Pro Colour just sits on the strands and fades after 16 washes – making it perfect for people who love changing their hair colour often. For people who are into the latest hair colour trends – from unicorn, to macaron, and all those pastel shades, this product will be good great for you.

If you use a permanent/semi-permanent colour to dye your hair in a pastel shade, it will still fade in a few weeks’ time but will leave residue and damage your hair more.

Using a conditioning colour treatment such as EVO Fabuloso will save you from further damage and will leave you with hair that’s ready for a fresh coat of colour. For pastel colours, EVO Fabuloso lasts for about as long as the permanent and semi-permanent formulas so why opt for something that’s more damaging, right?

If you want to extend the life of your colour, especially if you didn’t go for the pastel ones like I did, salons that offer EVO Fabuloso will give you a personalised conditioner (they will mix the colours themselves to match your current colour) that you can take home and use on your locks to help you keep the colours vibrant.

The colour service is not just done in the salon – it extends to your home and in your shower too! 😉

EVO, EVO Hair, EVO Fabuloso Pro, EVO Hair Colour, EIG, Hair Colour, Bronde, Ash Blonde, Cool Tone Colour, Hair, Review, Hair Colour, Beauty Blogger

My gorgeous friend Samia went for purple that day and she loved it a lot! Of course, since it’s been a couple of weeks already, her colour is starting to fade a bit. We both can’t wait for our next colour appointment to be honest. It’s starting to get addictive. 😛

EVO, EVO Hair, EVO Fabuloso Pro, EVO Hair Colour, EIG, Hair Colour, Bronde, Ash Blonde, Cool Tone Colour, Hair, Review, Hair Colour, Beauty Blogger

I love the cool-toned bronde that I got on that day. It was indeed perfect for the cool weather in Japan while we were there!

EVO is now available in salons in Malaysia. Don’t forget to ask your colourist about it! Thanks to Albee and Jolleen of EIG for the colouring! Bisous!




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