Art + Jewellery: Carrera Y Carrera’s Exquisite Pieces


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I know a lot of you out there are on the hunt for the perfect gift for your long-time special someone and I think I have just the right suggestions.

I actually have this gift-giving philosophy that I just want to share since we’re on the topic of romantic gifts. Personally, I don’t believe in giving extravagant presents at the start of a new relationship. (That’s why I said ‘long-time’ special someone earlier)

Gifts, I believe, should get better in time because they symbolise all the work and effort you’ve been putting in your relationship. During the beginning, it’s always sunshine and rainbows but as the years go by and once you get married, you will definitely encounter challenges making life harder and being together a challenge.

A friend of mine, who has been married a long time, recently said something along the lines of “People nowadays gush over hardships after one year anniversaries. I want to hear what they have to say on their 15th.”

To me, gifts aren’t about the price tag as well. It’s about what you can afford without breaking the bank and veering away from your priority expenses as well as the meaning that it comes with. BUT for long-time couples who can afford to splurge or for those that are celebrating special milestones this year, I think my recent visit to the Carrera Y Carrera store in Starhill Gallery might be interesting.

I was invited to check out their current collections. The Spanish jewellery brand has been here in Malaysia for a while now providing beautiful, handmade pieces.


Carrera Y Carrera actually carries 130 years of tradition with it and prides itself with having created the wedding tiara for Belgium’s Queen Fabiola back in the 60s.

The man behind the brand, Manuel Carrera, is not just a jeweller but an artist as well and each Carrera Y Carrera piece is practically wearable art. Each part of the design symbolises  a particular element or a memory influenced by a member of the family. That, I think makes each piece a lot more special.

I was able to take photos as the lovely people of Carrera Y Carrera took me around the store for a tour. However, my camera was out of juice and I had to use my mobile phone’s camera. So please excuse the low quality photos.

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye:


Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,



Jazmin pendant. A bit too big for my taste but I can’t help but fall in love with the details. My iPhone’s camera isn’t doing it justice though so you better check it out here.


The Emperatriz pendant is something that I would actually wear. It’s a classic piece with intricate details and an overall ultra-feminine theme. It’s got yellow and white gold plus diamonds.




Not my cup of tea as well but anybody born in the Year of the Dragon might find this interesting. Yep. Still on CNY feels everyone.

Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,

This elegant swan pendant is from the Garzas collection. It’s


Baile de Bambu pendant. Yellow and white gold, onyx, and diamonds. Back in high school, I wore an onyx encrusted cross all the time. It’s one of the classiest stones in my opinion. This one would be a perfect gift to a woman in her 40s, no?


One of Carrera Y Carrera’s most expensive pieces is this dragon pendant that’s encrusted with diamonds and several other stones. The brilliance can blind you.


I’m not a chunky ring person since I use my fingers a lot to type on my laptop and even on my mobile when I’m on the go. However, it’s not hard to be impressed by the designs they have for the rings. The details and the placement of the stones actually make them life-like.

Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,

Can totally imagine my sister going for this diamond and white gold piece.



Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,

Beautiful. I do have a fondness for vintage styles. Especially for jewellery.


Tau Mini Earrings. Yellow and white gold with diamonds. Not too flashy and perfect for everyday-wear. I was told that bamboo is also a lucky symbol as well as an element for life.


Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,



Carrera Y Carrera, Jewellery, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Spanish,

There you have it. You can visit their store in Starhill Gallery along Bukit Bintang if you’d like to see more of their pieces.











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