Beauty + Skincare: Kosé’s Sekkisei Trial Kit

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Hello, my loves. Today, we’re back with another skincare review on a line that I only finished trying out recently.

I’m talking about Japanese brand Kosé’s Sekkisei line which I used right after trying out the Mentholatum Botanics range. I wanted to post this entry sooner, to be honest. But seeing as I only have one face, I do take a while in reviewing products. And I did promise you guys that you only get quality posts (that I would work hard on) in this blog, right? 😉

The Sekkisei line has been around for 30 years, this line boasts of an age-old ‘beautiful, translucent skin recipe’ that is said to be gentle yet effective in brightening and evening-out one’s skin tone.

You may remember that I got a pretty big package like other bloggers from my friend Tammy‘s community – The Butterfly Project.


Inside the humungous box filled with balloons was the Sekkisei trial kit which is perfect for traveling. As someone who travels a lot, I really do appreciate it when companies make such sets. It makes it easier to pack and unpack when you have everything in one to-go bag.

What’s inside the Kit?

Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (140 ml, RM131.40)

Kose, Kose Japan, Kose Malaysia, Sekkisei, Sekkisei Trial Kit, Sekkisei Lotion, Sekkisei Emulsion, Sekkisei Face Wash, Sekkisei Mask, Skincare, Beauty, Review

This cleanser looks, feels, and smells like it really is gentle to your skin. You know me – when it comes to skincare, I really do trust the Japanese and the Koreans. It has a milky consistency and a little really does go a long way.

The taurine-based cleanser cleans the skin without stripping away the moisture it needs. It also has an ingredient called Rubus Suavissmus Extract that helps brighten your complexion and soothes damage brought about by UV rays. I do love staying under the sun so that really is a must for me.

Sekkisei Lotion (200ml, RM180.20; 360ml, RM275.60)

Kose, Kose Japan, Kose Malaysia, Sekkisei, Sekkisei Trial Kit, Sekkisei Lotion, Sekkisei Emulsion, Sekkisei Face Wash, Sekkisei Mask, Skincare, Beauty, Review

The bestseller among the range, this lotion is applied after cleansing and drying your face. Remember to just pat a clean towel on your face. Don’t tug as that may cause wrinkles.

I love the soothing feeling it leaves my skin with. It absorbs quickly and makes you feel refreshed. This product acts as a toner that balances out the skin’s moisture levels. I also noticed that the redness that I normally have on the sides of my nose were a lot less visible.

Another use for the lotion is by incorporating it with the Bihadagoyomi mask. You see those three tablets included in the kit? No, they’re not moisture absorbers or tablets. They’re actually face masks. Pop one into the cap and pour some of the lotion into it until the mask puffs up. Place it on your face for 10 minutes for intense hydration.

Sekkisei Emulsion (140ml, RM191.80)

sekkisei20emulsion_zpsuhlvkrl0I love this moisturiser. It absorbs quickly and as an emulsion, it’s supposed to penetrate your skin deeper. It also claims to prevent freckles and dark spots which are very comforting since I like having an even skin tone and with the harsh sunlight in KL, it’s pretty hard to keep it that way.

Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask (80g, RM94.30)


I normally shy away from whitening products since I actually make a huge effort to look tan. #PaleGirlProbs #ThankYouBronzer

However, this mask actually focuses on brightening your skin by removing dullness and dead skin cells. It’s a peel-off mask which is another thing I love. There’s just something so satisfying about peeling off a mask that has already hardened on your face.

Do be warned that the mask is black in colour. You may or may not end up scaring the people you live with. 😉

You can get the Sekkisei Trial Kit at RM99 in Kosé counters in Malaysia. You will get all products in pretty, pink, Setsuko pouch.


  • Sekkisei Liquid Wash 20ml
  • Sekkisei Lotion 100ml
  • Sekkisei Emulsion 70ml
  • Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask 10g
  • Bihadagoyomi Mask 3pcs

Not bad for a trial/travel kit as yu actually get a lot of product out of it. Buying the products one by one can be a pretty steep expense especially if you are still trying to decide whether this may be a good range for you so I will recommend this kit.

So if, like me, you’ve been trying to figure out the secret of Japanese women who have pretty, even, and smooth skin – try out the Sekkisei line. It may work with you as well as it did on me.

More later.




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