Beauty: Laneige Launches 3rd Generation of their BB Cushion

Laneige, Laneige BB Cushion, Third Generation, New Laneige BB Cushion, Korean, Korean Beauty, Korean Makeup

It’s no secret how much I love my Laneige BB Cushion. I rave about it every chance I get. Simply because, it’s the best in the market. For me, at least, as it works so well with my skin! It stays the whole day, it has a light yet buildable coverage, and a natural-looking finish. It’s definitely my go-to base product since most days, I just can’t seem to handle heavy makeup.

When I was told that the 3rd generation of the BB Cushion was being launched in Malaysia, I couldn’t say no to the invitation for the event. I needed to see it right away!

Laneige’s first BB Cushion came out in 2012 and since then, a new and improved version is released every two years.

Laneige, Laneige BB Cushion, Third Generation, New Laneige BB Cushion, Korean, Korean Beauty, Korean Makeup

Three product highlights

This year’s release is advertised to have three new highlights. One is the the new “3D Skin Fit Cushion” technology that makes it easier to apply the product on to the skin.

Picking up the product with the sponge and applying it evenly is supposed to become a lot easier. The BB liquid is reformulated for an even more natural looking finish and it will not overflow on the edge of the puff due to a more precise design. That was a real frustration for me when it came to cushion products. I hate it when they stain the white edges of the puff!

Another feature they added is an anti-darkening film layer they called “Super Flex Lasting” [sic]. It conceals wrinkles and protects the makeup look the whole day while maintaining your skin’s radiance.

Lastly, there’s the “Hydro Ion Mineral Water”, a new ingredient compound that contains 6 minerals – Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium – as well as vitamins A, C, and E. This compound locks in moisture through out the day.


During the launch, there were stations with activities for everyone to enjoy. From soap making stations, personalised BB Cushion case calligraphy areas, a photobooth, and even a balloon stall – excited beauty junkies were lining up to try them out. Quite a fun event for all of us.

Laneige, Laneige BB Cushion, Third Generation, New Laneige BB Cushion, Korean, Korean Beauty, Korean Makeup


Hung out with the glowing Arisa Chow at the event as well. Every time we see each other, she’s got new and vibrant colours on her hair. She had turquoise the last time, one of my favourite colours. Now, her purple and pink mane reminds me so much of cotton candy. Yum!


Two variants

Ok, back to the cushion. There are two types – whitening and pore control. Both have UV protection of SPF50+ PA+++ and have a water resistant formula that will keep the product on you despite all the sweating you will be doing the whole day.

I’m not a fan of whitening products. They’re not really good for the skin and seeing that I’m already pale, I’m always looking for ways to get a little bit of colour on me. Thankfully, the Laneige BB Cushion Whitening is more of a brightening product. It works on your skin’s glow and radiance and doesn’t strip you off just to look unnaturally whiter.

The Pore Control variant, meanwhile, controls oil by balancing your moisture levels. It also has a pore minimising ingredient to prevent excessive sebum secretion and a blurring effect to subtly hide enlarged pores or minor blemishes. This variant also has a semi-matte finish.

Shades and Pricing

The Laneige BB Cushion comes in 8 shades. Six of them are warm and two are formulated for cool undertones.

They retail for RM159. Quite pricey, yes, but they do come with a refill so you’re practically getting 2 compacts for that price which makes it worth it.

Laneige, Laneige BB Cushion, Third Generation, New Laneige BB Cushion, Korean, Korean Beauty, Korean Makeup

Loving the new, holographic packaging!

Watch this space or my Instagram for a review of this product soon!

More later.




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